Sea Moss with Pineapple (16oz)


Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals in the human body.. Other health benefits:

*Vitamin C



*B vitamins: Pineapple gives you a healthy dose of several B vitamins, including thiamin, niacin, B6 and folate



*Promote tissue healing

*Fights inflammation

*Aids digestion

*Relieve arthritis pain

*Helps with post workout recovery

*Rich in lodine aids thyroid functionality 



*Nurtures a healthy libido

*Increases energy

*Helps soothe and heal the digestive tract

*Packed with potassium

*Helps detoxify the body, rids the body of mucus (one of the leading causes of diseases in the body) healthier lungs/better breathing

*Aids vagina Health

*Menstrual cramp relief 

*Purifies the blood, helps regulate blood pressure, leading to healthy heart

*Better breath (combats halitosis)

*Helps with Allergies 

*Better sleep

*Better mood/Mental health

*Helps with joint/muscle pain

*Suppresses the appetite, naturally tones the body/aids in weight lost and the list goes on!!

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